Monday, 25 July 2011

Rabbit Grooming

Rabbits are very clean animals. They naturally perform rabbit grooming procedures all the time. Even in the wild in their earthen burrows they keep their fur clean. The do this they use their tongue. When rabbits are grooming each other it is to help each other get to the places that are hard to reach, like behind the ears. When you see your bunny washing his face, he uses his paws like a washcloth by applying saliva to them.Rabbit grooming sessions with your bunny need to take place on a regular basis, that is unless you have a full-furred rabbit like the Angora or Jersey Wooly, then it is an almost daily requirement. We not only want our bunny to have a good looking coat, we also want him to be healthy. Rabbit grooming plays a major part in the health of your rabbit.Did you know that the majority of health problems domestic rabbits experience are caused by poor husbandry? Ask any Rescuerer and they can tell you horror story after horror story of how pitiful have been the conditions of the rabbits they have saved and nursed back to health. To neglect proper grooming of your pet rabbit is on par with neglecting the proper care of a small child.
Instead of seeing the rabbit grooming session as a problem to be addressed, you need to see it as an opportunity to bond more closely with your little friend. The first few sessions are probably the most difficult, but be of good cheer, some bunnies actually learn to enjoy rabbit grooming. Mid-day is a good time for a rabbit grooming session because that's when they are usually most calm.

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